AMA Recap: Kamari

Catch up on our AMA with the leadership team behind Kamari Coin, the crypto that aims to become a digital currency of an entire continent

If you missed the AMA with Kamari, our next Certified START IDO, you can catch up with it below.

Koven Leader

Hello $START-ers! Below is the AMA with Kamari from the 1st of June, 2021.

It was a really informative discussion and we had some great questions… It’s always great to open up the floor and connect the community, so thanks to those who took part.

For those who have further questions, Kamari invites you to join their group on Telegram and to follow them on Twitter.

You can find a fully detailed guide on how to participate in the Kamari IDO here:

Now let’s get into the AMA recap!

Koven Leader

Hello and welcome to today’s AMA with the @KamariOfficial Team!!
I’d like to give a special thanks to @RayZRay , @magnitobit , @Addisono and @kampay727 for joining us today.

How has your Wednesday been going so far?

Ray | Kamari | No PM DM
Hi Everyone It's a pleasure to be here!

Dov Marcus
Hi guys, great being here

KamPay KingPin
Hey BSC Starter
Great to be here

Koven Leader
That’s wonderful!
I’m glad you all were able to be here.
So let’s get started.

Can you give us a quick introduction to your team and project?

KamPay KingPin
Hi @Koven_Leader
We have a great team of seasoned professionals and crypto experts
Unlike most teams, we’ve been together building this opportunity since 2018

I’m the CEO, Ray is COO, Dov is CIO and Addison is CMO
The project is unique in that it is a true Mass Distribution Model based on Mass Customer Acquisition and Utilising DeFi to benefit a huge untapped UnderBanked market… AFRICA

Many people don’t realize that Africa is one of the World’s last great growth regions. In the coming decades, as Africa’s population doubles to two billion people, its GDP has been predicted to increase from $2 trillion today to $29 trillion in today’s money by 2050. It is the perfect environment to launch the mass distribution of cryptocurrency. In the Developed world, you can survive without Bitcoin and its successors, whereas Africa needs cryptocurrency to thrive. The failure of central banks to regulate their economies is starkest on the continent; double-digit interest rates and currencies that can not cross borders are the norm.

Necessity is the mother of invention and with the need for fair finance and functioning, fungible currencies there is a significant chance that the rapid uptake of cryptocurrency in Africa means that African focussed cryptocurrencies like Kamari and the KamPay wallet will enable the underbanked to leapfrog the traditional finance providers that have failed them, to the new money technologies.

Dov Marcus
Hi, my name is Dov Marcus and I am the Coo of Kamari. A little bit about myself, I’ve been in the crypto space since 2012 as a trader and investor, prior to this I’ve managed, built and invested in several successful multi-million businesses, for me this project is all about making a difference in the world, we have the ability to change the lives of millions in Africa, let’s do this together…

Ray | Kamari | No PM DM
Hi I’m Ray, one of the co-founders of KAMPAY, I have been in the online gaming space for 15 years and led multinational companies in Asia, Europe and Africa. Through that, I was exposed to the potential of blockchain early on and ended my last role as Head of Games at prior to KAMPAY. I have operated in over 20 countries in Africa during my time there.

Koven Leader
Thank you for that detailed response.
I think that gives the community a very deep insight into your vision.

KamPay KingPin

Ray | Kamari | No PM DM
We’re very excited to be teamed up with Starter for our launch!

Koven Leader
So before we get into any specifics, shall we clear up what happened with the Kamari Lottery Whitelist pool today so that everyone understands what went wrong. Could you walk us through that?

Ray | Kamari | No PM DM
First of all, we would like to apologize to the community for the mishap that happened today. We tried to reinvent the wheel whereby some of the whitelist candidates from our community at Kamari could win a whitelist spot and be in a special lottery pool on Starter.

This caused technical difficulties and we are regretful in its execution.

We would however like to compensate our loyal following. Everyone who had been whitelisted will receive a small gesture of our appreciation of 1000. KAMPAY post-launch.

To be fair to the wonderful Starter community, we have also decided to bonus reward all investors of 0.5 BNB or above in the main starter pool the same reward

We would like to thank you all for your patience with us. We tried to reinvent the well-greased Starter wheel and we failed. For this, we apologize.

Hope you will understand. We are trying to be as transparent as we can as a team and we hold our hands up

KamPay KingPin
We will always put our Community first
If our Community WINS WE WIN 🤝🤝

Ray | Kamari | No PM DM
thank you all for your continued support

Koven Leader
Thank you for that explanation!

It was a serious concern for the community so we couldn’t get too far without getting some clarity.

KamPay KingPin

Ray | Kamari | No PM DM
Totally understand and I think the community need to know

KamPay KingPin
Transparency is key to all we do

Koven Leader
So now that we’ve addressed that concern. Can you tell us what led to you and your team working with BSCstarter?

Ray | Kamari | No PM DM
We have been in development as a team for a while now and followed the markets closely. We love the strong community spirit that the Starter community brings but after discussions with multiple launchpads, we were convinced that Starter was the perfect fit. A very professional outfit with great management and community.

The track record speaks for itself.

KamPay KingPin
Yes absolutely agree with Ray, the professionalism and dedication of the team here at BSCStarter. I have been really impressed 24/7 round the clock support and real knowledge by the leadership of Blockchain and a belief that it’s time for Africa, and also that to get mass distribution Crypto needs Africa’s crypto crazy demographic with real use cases

Koven Leader
Very well put.

We do seek to provide quality and professional services.

Would you say there is major support for KamPay in Africa?

KamPay KingPin
Yes from top to bottom From Princes and Politicians, but most importantly from the people

Koven Leader
This isn’t the first mention of a lot of users being interested in downloading the KamPay wallet. Is this based on market research or have you already begun a waiting list?

Ray | Kamari | No PM DM
It’s based on both. We have our partnerships in place in countries to promote the adoption of the wallet.

KamPay KingPin
We are a brand new payments cryptocurrency, marketed through lottery incentivization. We will be launching a DeFi platform in Zimbabwe with partners African Grain and Seed with an initial 50,000 farmers in Zimbabwe testing a groundbreaking use case for microfinance and blockchain technology — reducing interest rates, allowing cross border payments and increasing food production in one of the worlds poorest countries. African Grain and Seed will roll out the KamPay solution to its 1 million farmers with the intention of impacting 10 million lives for the better. We know people love lotteries so we know the take-up will be huge. And we have huge experience based on data

Ray | Kamari | No PM DM
For example in our launch country in Cameroon with our National Lottery Partnership, all participants in the lottery will be holders of Kamari when they purchase their tickets

in Cameroon alone, our partners have access to 14m users over 18

Plus we have the traditional leaders in the territories that we are working in supporting us: people like Prince Hassan Kimbugwe in Uganda And Prince Oheneba Yaw Otchere in Ghana, as our advisors. With this support, we can do what outsiders to the continent cannot.

Every product and partnership we bring on board brings more users to the ecosystem

KamPay KingPin
We can Galvanise the Support of ordinary Africans for KAMARI and our wallet KAMPAY

Ray | Kamari | No PM DM
We are bringing products and services that a large percentage of the population currently have no access to, so necessity and demand brings along the adoption

KamPay KingPin
Yes, Ray is right. This is what we are achieving with our unique DeFi Microfinance solution

Koven Leader
It seems like there has been extensive thought, research and work put into this. That’s great to see

Ray | Kamari | No PM DM
Thank you

Koven Leader
With such a large number of fresh (newer) crypto users joining based solely on your lottery system, do you think there will be any negative impacts due to a lack of knowledge or understanding?

KamPay KingPin
The lottery will support community projects and create social impact around them — it’s not about win and lose but about building what is around them

Ray | Kamari | No PM DM
I think a lot of the crypto products in the marketplace are not focused non crypto adoption. We try to address this by creating a UI/UX that they will be accustomed to.

User-friendly interface is the key to adoption. Users should have a seamless experience across the products and guided by ourselves

KamPay KingPin
We are working with existing groups such as African Grain and Seed to Sensitise people in local languages and face to face, and as Ray says having a great User Experience

Ray | Kamari | No PM DM
We are actually going in to speak to our partners such as African Grain and Seed to see how we can simplify their processes and not add addition layers to their process

By replacing their existing system, we promote adoption and transparency

KamPay KingPin
This is how to do it. This is not a remote technology, it is there to benefit our stakeholders whether they are investors looking for a liquidity pool based on mass usage, or Farmers and merchants looking for a way of getting access to banking services and finance they desperately need but are denied.

Koven Leader
Rules for posting questions in Starter AMA:

If the question is copy-pasted from external sources, the winner will get disqualified for the next 10 AMA sessions and will not receive any reward. The user who provide the proof that the question is copy-pasted from external sources will get 20% of the prize. If the question copy-pasted from internal sources, user will be disqualified forever.

Our goal is to have AMAs that benefit our community and help shed insight on the project and its team. As such, the questions should be genuine, not copied from other AMAs. All the remaining funds from the questions which were disqualified will be distributed to the community. The 80% remains will go to the AMA reward fund for Starter. So if the winner of option 2 gets disqualified, the reporting user wins $20 and $80 goes towards the winner of option 2 for the next AMA. This way, the next reward will be $180 instead of the usual $100.

KamPay KingPin

Koven Leader
Wonderful answers

I love how the team comes together to give so much detail

KamPay KingPin

Koven Leader
It really shows that everyone is hands-on.

KamPay KingPin
Yes we have gone the hard yards together and we know that to make this work EVERYONE MUST WIN

Koven Leader
So one important question I’d like to ask before we go the community section.

How does purchasing your token benefit our investors?

KamPay KingPin
KAMARI is a MASS DISTRIBUTION TOKEN so its downside is much less susceptible to movement by general market sentiment. Every day it is getting used so demand increases as utility increases, putting pressure on supply. You don’t have to be a mathematician to see what happens when demand outstrips supply.


On top of that there’s the impact

This is a token that does good

That supports communities

That Levels Up

Rather than just benefitting distant elites

We worked on this business model for a very long time

Burning the candle at both ends🤣
And we decided if we are going to give our lives to a plan

It better be a good one, that makes a great business and does good. We have found that with Kamari.

And I am proud to work with this team and delighted to launch it with your community

Our KamPay philosophy was not to focus on the technology or on the clear speculative opportunities but instead to focus on the user, the merchant, the farmer, the storekeeper and his customer. Old technologies are rapidly being superseded by new in the blockchain space and this rate will increase not decrease. So the winners in the space will be those that focus on distribution — on people and fulfilling their needs, solving their problems. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Koven Leader
Dear community, we are opening the chat. Please prepare your questions. The @KamariOfficial team will select 5 of them. Please remember the rules ❗️❗️❗️

Only genuine questions will be rewarded. Copied questions will be disqualified

Read the rules here (

For the Community Part of the AMA, every user will be allowed to post maximum 3 questions. One message should contain maximum 1 question. If you post more than 3 questions, you will not receive the reward if selected.

Thank you for understanding and good luck!😉 Also, don’t forget to join @KamariOfficial

KamPay KingPin
Thanks brother🤝

Koven Leader
Thank you for all of your questions!

J. Marin
Does KAMARI have something to do with a language or something native to Africa? It’s curious!

KamPay KingPin
Yes KAMARI Means “Game” In Swahili, historically colonial powers treated as a game to be sliced up and exploited. Now we are giving the GAME back!!! To AFRICA and of course, we are doing it with a game — The lottery, but this time everyone is a winner 😉

Koven Leader
@RayZRay @magnitobit @kampay727 @addisono @BenKamari @george522 please answer at least 5 questions in total and choose one as the winner.

Q. What is the KAMPAY service fee? As a user, what incentives can I get?

Ray | Kamari | No PM DM
The KAMPAY service fee is absorbed by the retailer and operator in most cases which is ideal as we expect a lot of smaller payments in the ecosystem with a high volume of users. Users will be able to get access to more services and operators and retailers will offer free items to the userbase.

Does the Kamari team plan to participate in charity action or even create its own charity actions? Can investors and users donate to charities through Kamari?

George | Kamari — Will not PM/DM
That’s a lovely question. Kamari was built with the vision of a better future. We have partnered and invited on board those who have a background of charitable work and experience. With each partnership, we seek to synergise not only in business but other aspects of giving back to the communities and seeking out ways in which we could lend a hand.

KAMPAY How to spend and save better than the traditional savings and money market?

KamPay KingPin
Our unique Microfinance solution is the key to DeFi, it’s not just a technology play, it’s creating a great stack with great partners. provide the DeFi providing the first 50,000 farmers then rolling out a plan to affect TEN MILLION LIVES with our crypto to fiat solution. The first in Southern Africa With this is why it is unique, this is why it will work. GREAT PARTNERS AND GREAT BUSINESS MODEL

Tinh Le
Security & User Interface are the most important aspects that users see on a platform. KAMPAY has performed on this platform. Is this platform suitable for newbies in the crypto world?

Ray | Kamari | No PM DM
We focus heavily on Security and transparency. We have had our code audited by 3rd party experts in the field. It passed without any warnings. Our user-friendly interface is ideal for users that are new to Crypto but as 50% of the World’s Mobile money wallets are already in Africa, we don’t foresee any issues with the transition to our wallet.

Are there any special benefits or advantages for long-term $KAMPAY holders? And why?

George | Kamari — Will not PM/DM
100% YES! YES! YES! Kamari is a unified African currency that will deliver a mass distribution model using our links, partners in games, lotteries, and payments but also entertainment and everyday usage such as insurance, education etc. The technology in crypto will improve, it will get cheaper and faster in a new stage for the whole crypto-economy… We are at the stage, whether it is DeFi or NFT, where the mass user cases for Blockchain will be used when the person who knows nothing of the technology will begin to see the technology. Kamari will be the core of Africa’s 1.4 billion individuals’ daily lives.

Koven Leader
Thank you for those answers!!

thank you all!

Koven Leader
Before we wrap up let’s review our Twitter question:

In Africa we can find more than 350 million unbanked adults, which is a critical number that needs to be addressed, what is the role of Kamari in banking the unbanked, and also the strategy to reach the population with poor internet access?

Ray | Kamari | No PM DM
We as an ecosystem and wallet solution have plans to partner with as many necessary products and services as we can to facilitate this. We understand that there is a need for fiat to crypto onboarding and have many partnerships to announce soon to address this. Zympay being one of them. We are also partnering up with other projects to deliver a wifi solution to areas that currently have limited access.

KamPay KingPin
This is a great question and it is key to what we are about and why we are here. Our token will be the first mass distribution token in Africa integrating best of breed technologies like Atala Prism and bringing on board DeFi solutions like Bonded Finance alongside fiat innovators in the region such as former CFO of NatWest Daks Patel’s Zympay The next stage of cryptocurrency is all about collaboration and building the stack together.

Launching in both Cameroon and Zimbabwe, the pilot will quickly scale from 50,000 farmers downloading the KamPay wallet from September to several millions with the support of our partners African Grain and Seed who will provide the financial inclusion and agribusiness support model.

KamPay has seven state lotteries to use for the mass customer acquisition model. Many will download the wallet just toparticipate in the lottery, others, for example, farmers will discover our other services and be loaned Kamari with our DeFi solution to purchase seeds and seedlings to grow vegetables for sale to our selected local shops that will be able to also accept Kamari as payment. Kicking off a REAL user case for cryptocurrency. African Grain and Seed can scale this up to a million farmers — this will change 🚀🚀🚀🔥 TEN MILLION LIVES 💪💪🌟

Within a year our model will roll itself out across the continent organically.

Africans love new technology that solves problems. That’s why mobile banking started in Africa and grew in Africa.

And everyone loves lotteries That’s why it’s the number one roll-out mass customer acquisition model.

Combining these is our secret sauce.


We are in this together


Ray | Kamari | No PM DM
please join our community and ask more questions to find out anything we haven’t covered today

Koven Leader
Thank you so much for speaking with our community and sharing all this amazing information. It was a pleasure having you as a participant in our AMA today. We always like to grab some final words from those who are not sure about participating in the presale. Are there any last words, links, exclusives you’d like to leave with us before you go?

Ray | Kamari | No PM DM
thank you very much to @Koven_Leader for being a wonderful host and to the Starter community for your time

We hope you join us in our IDO

Koven Leader
Thank you! Well there you have it Starters! As always we appreciate you joining us and taking part in our AMA sessions. We look forward to bringing you more AMAs and opportunities to learn about the projects that come to our platform. The chat is open!

Ben | Kamari — do NOT PM me
A fully detailed guide on how to participate in the KAMPAY’s IDO:

Kamri IDO Pool —
Kamari IDO details:

KYC whitelist is required to take part in the Kamari IDO:


Official Telegram:
Kamari Announcements:
Website :


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