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Hello $START-ers! Here you can catch up on our AMA with Viktor Södermark, Founder and CEO of Mimir World of Blockchain Games, the driving force behind $MIMIR Token and Mimir Quiz, the world’s first quiz game powered by blockchain technology, where you can win big prizes in live-streamed tournaments!

Their IDO is tomorrow (November 2nd), so let’s get right into it!

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Moon Trips

The chat is now muted for our AMA with the Founder, CEO, and Allfather of @mimirofficial, Viktor Södermark.

@Viksod, thanks for being here! One day to go, how are you feeling?

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World
Hey everyone!

Moon Trips
How do you feel when you are launching both $MIMIR Token and Mimir Quiz, all in the same week? 😅

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World

Moon Trips

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World
But now you have my utmost attention — and we are so HAPPY we picked Starter as our IDO partner!

Moon Trips
As are we! It’s been a pleasure working with you and the MIMIR team over the past couple of months. Now we want the Starter community to get all of their last-minute questions answered before tomorrow’s much-anticipated IDO.

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World
The entire team at Starter has their own golden star in the skies of the Mimir World

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Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World
I’m ready to go, so just fire away! 🥳

Moon Trips
Let’s go!

Can you please introduce yourself and the amazing MIMIR team? Tell us a little about why you’re the right people to take this special project to the moon?

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World
Absolutely! So I’m Viktor, the founder & CEO at Mimir World of Blockchain Games. I went down the rabbit hole that is Blockchain & Crypto roughly 4.5 years ago. I’ve always been amazed about the cool and innovative things that this powerful technology can bring to the world and it is a dream come TRUE to actually launch a project that disrupts a MASSIVE industry and brings a game changer to the 2.5 billion people on this planet that play mobile games!

I’ve previously worked at Electronic Arts (EA Games) launching titles like Battlefield, FIFA, Sims etc.

So I’ve seen first-hand how much these GIANT gaming companies make from their players and how little they give back to their community

Given that fact, I am super bullish on the fact that the revolutionary ideas surrounding GameFi like NFTs where you can own your in-game items, Play-to-earn (which rewards players for their game time and loyalty) and much more will be shaping the future for the entire gaming industry for the coming years

But even though I might be the Allfather of the Mimir World. We have a really strong team that is heavy on the tech side with our own mobile developers, coupled with Viktor Stenberg who is a brilliant blockchain developer with 5+ years of coding experience in Solidity, AI & Python. He has also worked at Facebook for two years.

Besides the core Mimir team sitting here at our office in Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪 we also have veterans from the crypto industry across the world advising us…

There we go! Look at those pretty faces 😆

Moon Trips

Thanks for sharing all of this. That’s one of the many reasons I’m super bullish on MIMIR. I know you guys are experienced in and out of crypto as well as in the game space. Your understanding of the market and the unfair model of traditional companies is crucial in this revolution.

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World
Thank you for those kind words @moontrips, GameFi and everything that it brings along introduces a game-changer to the 2.5 billion people on this planet that play mobile games, and to be the first mover targeting the most universal and popular game concept of all time (trivia games) is really BÖLLISH (Viking-word for Bullish)

Moon Trips
Let’s get into the game next, so people understand how to play, the game features, and when they can start playing.

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World

So Mimir Quiz is a mobile game that you will be able to download from Google Play & App Store

Moon Trips
Your graphics and videos are SO GOOD!

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World
It is centred around two different game modes: 1vs1 and LIVE quiz shows (tournaments)

1vs1 is just like the traditional way of playing quiz & trivia games. You play against an opponent in 5 rounds with three questions in each round.

But the HIGHLIGHT of our game will for sure be our live quiz shows broadcasted 5 times a day from our studio here in Stockholm, Sweden

The live shows are a next-gen way of experiencing quizzing

Instead of sitting at home watching Jeopardy on TV where other people answer questions and win money — we will actually let YOU be part of the live show!

So every day you will have lots of fun and exciting live shows to join with really big prize pools to compete for

Moon Trips
This all sounds and looks amazing! So how big are we talking with these prize pools?

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World

As you can see here — we have also built a game-changer within Mimir Quiz

Well… not to give you too much of a spoiler

But the Mimir Quiz will for sure have the final answer to the question of who wants to be a millionaire!

Moon Trips

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World
So the Mimir Quiz game is 100% free to play and comes without all of these annoying ads

But we wanted more than just that. So we are letting our players enjoy the quiz fun in two different ways…

Play Free or Play To Win

In Play To Win you need to have Mimir Tokens to play and you use the tokens to stake before entering a quiz game to build up a prize pool to compete for

In 1vs1 — I will for sure challenge @moontrips and @Moonshotberry to a duel and before we enter the game we settle the stakes — so for instance it could be that we both have 100 Mimir tokens at stake so the prize pool for the game is now 200 Mimir Tokens that we are competing for

Moon Trips
Game on, my friend 😬

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World
And since I’ve been drinking the knowledge water from the Mimir’s well since day one — I will of course win and after the game, receive the prize pool! 🥳

Moon Trips

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World
In the live shows in Play-to-Win however…
That’s where the BIG prize pools are

We will have an entry fee of Mimir Tokens for each live event in Play-to-Win which players need to pay to register

It will range from 1–10 USD in Mimir Tokens

So if 100K players register for the live event and the entry fee is 1 USD worth of Mimir Tokens … then the prize pool is a whopping 100K USD in Mimir that players are fighting for.

And just think about this — Quiz games are the most proven, universal and popular game modes of all time. By bringing the live shows that you used to watch on TV to your phone in a mobile game we can capture that audience and let them be part of the show — wherever they are in the world.

This live show quiz concept is not entirely new — it has spread like wildfire across the world but with FIAT-versions. With average winnings of 2–3 USD to players. And since they handle FIAT-money and everything needs to be handled manually it takes them roughly 2–3 weeks to send it out, they can’t grow beyond their own borders and are limited to a domestic user base.

With the power of blockchain technology = we solve all that

We are the first mover to market with a live quiz show that the entire world can join and we have 350 million people playing quiz games on their smartphones every year. So, when people get to try it out and experience all the fun and the amazing benefits that come from GameFi with NFTs, Play-2-earn etc. and find out that this game is just as easy to play as a normal mobile game.

And even has a FIAT-onramp in the game for the mass market players to buy Mimir. Then we will be MASSIVE and perhaps reach the #1 spot of most active monthly players of all crypto games by Midsummer 2022 (latest) 🚀

Moon Trips
There’s so much to share and it’s so great to hear. Every detail has been considered

Can’t wait to watch it happen!

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World
Yes, perhaps I did not mention it earlier… But our ONE and ONLY core mission at Mimir is to bring Blockchain Games to the mass market!

Our dev team are building these games from scratch and we pick games that already have a proof of concept and 100 million+ players worldwide

Moon Trips
Which leads me to my next question. I know that the plan is to bring a whole ecosystem of blockchain-based games to MIMIR World. Is there a timeline of those releases yet or are they still in development?

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World
Yes, so the games we are targeting are not that hard to develop actually. It’s all the smart contracts and token functionalities that are demanding — but lucky for us we have one of Sweden’s best blockchain devs by our side

So we are launching our 2nd blockchain game app centred around knowledge and game shows mid Q1 next year.

A really cool thing that we have built-in with Mimir is that the token is a decentralized governance token with voting rights

And as such, holders of Mimir can actually shape the future of the Mimir World and perhaps we’ll even have time to vote on the 2nd game coming to market

And the best part of building this ecosystem of blockchain games is that there is only ONE token ruling them all

The Mimir Token 🤴

Moon Trips
This is really cool! ALL HAIL

Based on all of this, it makes me think that MIMIR will be able to withstand a bear market, what is your take on that?

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World
I actually think that it’s sad how we have been blessed with one of the most revolutionizing technologies since the internet & smartphones, and the topic of conversation is always price

I am confident that projects that actually bring a use case, solve a problem, have a UTILITY connected to their token and… release a product or service will withstand any and all types of scenarios that might unfold on the market whether bull or bear

People will be playing quiz games and mobile games and since there’s only one Mimir Token ruling our blockchain games — and we will be the first mover to market with A LOT of blockchain games centred around already proven game concepts. I think we will withstand the test of time and have our games running for many years

I mean, some of the traditional quiz games that I casually play from time to time have been on my phone for 5+ years. And just imagine if I got paid for playing those games over 5 years and they didn’t charge me a monthly fee or send me pop-up ads every time I click something. Most games have an in-game economy now, but it’s centred around you PAYING for things in the game that you don’t own and no matter how long you play or how good you are at the game in the traditional ones — there is no bridge back to FIAT or Crypto

So… we’ll change all of that

And quiz games have been with us for 100’s of years, and they will still be there in the future

And perhaps in 2 years, some of you in here will have made a fortune off of just playing fun quiz games with your friends or random people across the world 🎮 … And to think that this mass-market potential has not been tackled by anyone yet before the launch of Mimir Quiz

And we start with a 210K market cap. Axie is a fun spin-off of Pokemon. People play that game because of GameFi, it takes them out of poverty, it provides a stable income for many families, but it’s pretty complex to get started (especially now that you have to pay to play)

And the skill level here is… Answering questions and clicking buttons 😅 and several times each day Monday-Sunday you will have chances to win BIG in our live quiz shows

Moon Trips
Thank you, great answers! We want the community to see the longevity in the project, not just the value in holding $MIMIR long-term.

Once people start seeing this in action, I think we’ll have a snowball effect!

Speaking of $MIMIR, let’s talk about tokenomics. You already mentioned a bit about the $MIMIR token utility as a governance token. What are the most important aspects of your tokenomics and how will that affect investors?

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World
Yes, that’s why the team's tokens are vested for 24 months and out of all allocations in our tokenomics we are the last ones to receive tokens.

Moon Trips
2 years, eh? You don’t see that every day!

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World
So here’s a visual breakdown

Well, you know we are gonna launch a new game every quarter… Have to stick around to crush both you and @Moonshotberry in all of the Mimir world games 🤠🕺🏼

Moon Trips
Haha!! 🤣

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World
So, our tokenomics are centred around play-to-earn
Roughly 40% will be locked in a smart contract called a reward pool

That reward pool is constantly filling up as our business model is to take a small rake out of all the games in the ecosystem of Mimir World games that are played with a prize pool or a stake.

And the majority of that rake goes… back into the reward pool. Which are then released to… our players who are playing our games

And for simply playing for free — you will be rewarded in Mimir tokens for your playtime, achievements, winning streaks and other goals that will be clear in the app

Besides that, we have an oversubscribed token sale of 20% of the total supply, 100 million Mimir Tokens is the hard cap — it can never be more

So by joining the IDO and having a long-term scope for your investment you will see that 100M tokens is not that much when in 12 months we have 4 games running with millions of players playing each month

Not giving financial advice — but the mobile gaming market has 2.5 billion players across the world. With blockchain we can reward each and every one of those players that are sick and tired of having to pay monthly fees, watching annoying ads and buying in-game items that they don’t own

Moon Trips
Huge earning potential here

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World

Yesterday’s private IDO sale was sold out in 5 seconds. And in the Mimir Quiz game you have 10 seconds to answer questions… so that was fast 🤣

Moon Trips
Yes, that was impressive!!! These people’s fingers are ready to play

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World
I think we have some serious competition for the upcoming quiz games in here yeah

Moon Trips
One more thing on the tokenomics — just want to clarify vesting for the public IDO, since there were many questions on that here in the community. It’s 20% released 24 hours after the TGE, followed by monthly releases of 20% over 4 months. Correct?

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World

Complete tokenomics and vesting schedules can be found here:

Since it’s a Swedish tradition to do business in a transparent way. You can find everything in there

Moon Trips
Perfect, thanks!
When will listing on Uniswap and take place?

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World

On the 4th of November Gate is doing an IEO-Airdrop. And 24 hrs later we start the show on of the biggest CEX and DEX. So on the 5th you can start trading Mimir

Moon Trips
Nice! This is powerful. Seeing a lot of success using CEX & DEX

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World
Yes — but we of course will not stop there :) There will be more listings to come in the future

Moon Trips
You guys seriously don’t leave a single stone uncovered. If that’s how the saying goes.

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World
Well, we don’t like to throw rocks but we will for sure be rocking once Mimir hits the markets and our Mimir Quiz game comes out just a couple of days later 🚀

The first live shows are going to be free in Mimir Quiz and we will have guaranteed prize pools (instead of doing an airdrop)

Ranging from 10k-100K USD worth of Mimir Tokens

So by just downloading the Mimir Quiz game — you can register for the live events and perhaps win a nice stack of Mimir

Should we let the crowd in? that have been eagerly standing on the sidelines reading my walls of text

Moon Trips
Yes, I’m sure they’re ready to hit you with some of their own questions.

Let’s get to it. We’ll open the chat for 3 minutes of questions, then give you time to choose and respond.

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World

leo lopes
Soo what is the marketing strategy moving forward

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World

So I’m doing an interview with BitBoy this week which will be published before or just after the launch

Then we have George at CryptosRus who is publishing his video interview on the 4th.+ 25 other influencers

leo lopes
Ooh ok that’s amazing 👏🏿😍 definitely interested in this

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World
And we are running brave ads (of course)

And our partners are pushing us out into their communities as well


Hey @Viksod coming late to AMA. When can we start playing? Is the app ready?

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World
The app is in test flight right now and we will invite our Mimir Community to get early access in just a couple of days

But since the token is connected to the game — we need the token to be launched before we release the game

I read you’re planning to launch a new game every quarter of a year. That’s a lot of games in just a few years! I imagine they will be separated apps, where you log in with the same Mimir account and wallet. Is that the plan? And how are you planning to provide support for all of them in the coming years, preventing the older games from dying out of lack of updates/engagement/support?

Viktor CEO & Allfather of Mimir World
We have a strong tech team and the game logic is quite simple for the knowledge-based game shows that we are launching

The live stream functions & token functionality (smart contracts etc.) used in Mimir Quiz game have taken A LOT of time, but since there is only one token

We already have most of the tech functions built to adapt to new games

So it can be games like Wordfeud (Scrabble), Suduko, Ruzzle, IQ-tests etc coupled with all your favourite game shows on TV that now have gone silent since everyone turned the TV off and started to look down into their smartphone. Live shows with game themes like Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, Crossword puzzles etc. will come for sure

Moon Trips
Very cool! Well, I think we took enough of your time today! THANK YOU so much for sharing all of this important info with us. We for sure have enough information to make an informed decision before tomorrow’s IDO. Here’s to a stellar IDO tomorrow and to everyone’s success!

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