BakeryTools is the Latest Project to Choose BSCstarter for an Exclusive IDO

A real-time central hub & trading tool for BSC pairs. A pool explorer. And hotspot for private & presale listings.

We love that so many new projects on Binance Smart Chain opt for the only truly decentralised launchpad to get going. We have helped many a project flour, and, as you know, we don’t slow down so if you kneed another IDO to DYOR — let us introduce BakeryTools.

Ok, we will stop with the baking puns now. $TBAKE is the token of BakeryTools, which effectively aims to become the DexTools on Binance Smart Chain, and some!

What is BakeryTools?

Inspired by the hugely popular BakerySwap, BakeryTools has the ambition to be a multipurpose toolkit for users of the Binance Smart Chain, the fastest growing, and second most popular blockchain in the world.

At its heart, it will be a block explorer, displaying real-time data of everything that is happening on-chain, beyond that it also aims to display trading data, and create a ‘hotspot’ for upcoming private and presale listings of all tokens launching on Binance Smart Chain.

$TBake to date

The BakeryTools team is from Australia, and, as of right now, BakeryTools has a bustling community on Twitter, and Telegram, with small but separate TG communities in Japanese, Vietnamese, Turkish, and Indonesian.

The deployment contract for the $TBAKE token has been audited twice by Solidity.Finance here, and by TechRate here.

They have conducted one successful private funding round with a hardcap of 500 BNB in which a total of 25 million $TBAKE were sold. There is a vesting period of 1 month applied to 50% of each buyer's private sale tokens — initiated on the 25th of April, 2021.

Approximately 35 million $TBAKE will be offered during the BSCstarter IDO, the full tokenomics are below.

$TBAKE Tokenomics

  • 35% of $TBAKE will be allocated to the BSCstarter IDO — with no vesting period.
  • 25% of $TBAKE is allocated to the BakeryTools private sale — with 50% of tokens vested for 1 month.
  • 20% of total $TBAKE is allocated to liquidity
  • 10% of $TBAKE tokens are allocated to the team and advisors — vested with
  • 10% unlocked, and a further 10% unlocked each month.
  • 10% of $TBAKE are set aside for marketing funds — also vested with 10% unlocked, and a further 10% unlocked each month.

$TBAKE IDO Details

Start date: 08:00 UTC 1st May 2021
Guaranteed Allocation: Yes, 30 minutes. First come first served 08:30 UTC.

Softcap: 400 BNB
Hardcap: 800 BNB
Minimum contribution: 0.0010 BNB
Maximum contribution: 5 BNB
IDO price: 0.0000330 BNB/Token
Listing price: 0.0000650 BNB/Token

Liquidity allocation: 70%
Liquidity locked: 182 days

More about BakeryTools

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