Chaos of 12 Legions, The New And Thrilling NFT Game Field.

Launching on on December 3rd

As the human race evolves, technology continually advances. There is a noticeable change over time, and our means of exchanging values also gradually changes. As technology rapidly advances, games with few entertaining features and poor quality are becoming obsolete and Play-to-Earn games are taking over. These games have meticulous graphics, smart logic, and a variety of amusement components. 12 Legions was developed with the aim of becoming part of the new and thrilling NFT game field and blockchain industry.

What is 12 Legions?

12 Legions is a turn-based strategy game where characters are represented by NFTs on the blockchain. It was transformed from the server system to Blockchain and NFT technology to create a possibility for strategy and RPG game lovers to earn while they have fun playing the game.

Players can comfortably link their wallets, choose their game characters, and equip them for gameplay to win and earn tokens. Along with having entertaining gaming mechanics, 12 Legions fully supports and provides a full economy on the Blockchain. This permits players and investors to perform activities like Farming and Staking.

12 Legions will create an open fantasy metaverse where players can become Lords, summon heroes, recruit troops, manage their lands, and have fun while claiming fantastic rewards.

The 12 Legions World

It is a fantasy world where an ancient power called Soul Orb exists. This mysterious magical power had the capability of destroying the world.

War began when the Soul Orb’s power grew too deep and exploded throughout the ElvaLand. The Dark Powers took advantage of this and invaded ElvaLand.

Heroes came together from all corners of the land to gather the broken pieces of the Soul Orb in order to forge mystical weapons to crush the Dark Powers.

This is the beginning of the war between Heroes and the Dark powers.


Heroes can be acquired by obtaining a Summon Scroll to summon a Hero randomly or by Soul Transmission. The Heroes obtained are deployed from the heroes hall.

In the Heroes hall, players are able to manage their base team, have a hero station, and see their current Heroes team before entering a battle.

Chaos of 12 Legions currently has a total of 3 classes: Warrior, Cleric, and Archer. More Heroes will be released and updated in the future.

Every Hero has 4 attributes:

  • Health Point (HP): The amount of damage the Hero can take before being defeated.
  • Intelligent (INT): Adds damage when a Hero plays multiple skill cards in the same round
  • Luck: Increases critical hit rate. By default, crit damage increases by 200%
  • Agility (AGI): Determines the order of a Hero’s attack. It also reduces the chance of receiving critical hits.

There are different types of equipment and each Hero will be able to equip themselves according to their class. Equipment helps them get additional stats. To craft equipment, a player needs to get correct the blueprint and materials.

Blueprints can be bought with $CTL and materials are awarded after completing an Expedition.

There are 3 main fighting modes: Expedition, Arena, and Regions.

To participate in the Expedition mode, players need to have all the 3 Heroes in the squad and consume Stamina Points. Once entering the battle, a player is permitted 30 seconds to analyze and choose the maximum 4 skill cards before committing to end the turn. Each player can also choose a Region where they can team up and occupy the Region to get an additional bonus called the Region tax.

How to Play

To get started, there are few steps needed:

-Install MetaMask

-Create a MetaMask wallet

-Register for a 12 Legions account

-Setup your Email and Password

Then you are ready to go.

The Game Economy

The ecosystem will be managed by two tokens, the Chaos of Twelve Legions token ($CTL) and Piece of Material Token ($POM). $CTL will be the token for the project and system development while $POM will be the in-game token.

The Team

The team is made up of talented, business-oriented gamers. They made the game a combination of a traditional strategy gaming system and modern economic system so that both gamers and non-gamers are able to generate passive income easily.

Investors and Partners

12 Legions currently has a number of investors and strategic partners including Game Starter, Halvings Capital, Dutch Crypto Investors, Traveler Capitals, Anypad, Kyros Ventures, Black Mamba Ventures, Lambo Capital, and many more.


As you can see, the 12 Legions roadmap has been carefully planned to execute new releases throughout their journey to enhance the power of the game.


The total supply of the token is 220,000,000 CTL.

Seed Raise: 17.6M (8%)
5% at TGE
3 months lock
Vesting 18 months

Private Raise: 29.7M (13.5%)
7% at TGE
1 month lock
Vesting 12 months

ILO: 13.2M (6%)
20% at TGE
1 month lock
Vesting 20% monthly

Staking, Liquidity, MM, and Incentives: 6.6M (3%)
Token for adding liquidity

Team: 22M (10%)
Lock 12 months
Vesting 12 months

Marketing, Acquisitions, and Licenses: 26.4M (12%)
Lock 3 months
Vesting 20% monthly

Partners, Advisors, and Consultants: 11M (5%)
Lock 12 months
Vesting 12 months

Airdrop: 3.3M (1.5%)
20% TGE
20% each 4 months

Ecosystem: 90.2M (41%)
2% each month after releasing game-fi
The Token Sale Plan

Seed Round
Fundraised: $264,000
Token Price: $0.015
Lock-up: 5% TGE, 3 months cliff, linear, over 18 months

Private Round
Fundraised: $628,000
Token Price: $0.022
Lock-up: 7% TGE, 1 month cliff linear over 12 months

Public Sale and Seed SHO
Fundraised: $330,000
Platform Raise: $120,000
Token Price: $0.025
Lock-up: 20% unlocked on TGE, 1 month cliff, 20% monthly


The 12 Legions IDO will take place on on December 3rd at 14:00 PM UTC.

Token for sale: 4,400,000CTL
Token: $CTL
Token Price: $0.025
Currency: BUSD
Network: BSC

How to take part

Taking part in the Chaos of 12 Legions IDO is easy, simply follow these steps:

For a more in-depth guide on how to take part in a BSC based IDO, please see our docs:

About 12 LEGIONS Game

12 Legions is a turn-based strategy game in which characters are represented by unique NFTs on the blockchain system. It aims to make a P2E game with meticulous graphics, smart logic, and a variety of amusement features for users to have the best experience.





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