Guide: How to get involved in the upcoming Kamari IDO

From online wallets to $START staking, this guide covers all the options step-by-step

What do I need?

Part 1: Setting up an online wallet

On a mobile device…

On a PC or Mac…


Send BNB to your online wallet

Wallet Address



Your BNB is on the way

Part 2: How to get the $START token

Why do I need START

Once you have connected your wallet, stake your START by clicking ‘Staking’
The full details on each of the BSCstarter tiers

How do I get START?


Pancake Swap (V1)

If you START tokens don’t show up…

Now you have your START tokens…

About Kamari


The leading IDO launchpad, incubator, and investor network for @0xPolygon, $ETH, $FTM, and #BSC $START