Rogue Cryptocurrency Influencer Steals from Marketing Allocation

Cerbul BTC Siphoned $1.1M in Tokens from Allocated Funds

$START and $WSB community -

Thank you for helping us execute an amazing IDO! We would not have been able to run such an amazing and flawless operation without your support!

The IDO sold out in full and quickly as expected. In fact we don’t recall another time where the BSC Chain was congested due to use like it has been since the IDO today!

However — it has come to our attention that one of the individuals who applied to participate in an influencer group investment for WSB has intentionally stolen 8M tokens from other participants (a separate contract unaffiliated with our IDO and unaffiliated with any WSB DApp Treasury wallets).

What happened:

  • Nobody was ‘minting’ or hacking the WSB token supply. The token is performing as expected and an audit is available here.
  • The WSB Founders are not selling — this is FUD. No treasury tokens have been moved.
  • The BSCstarter team issued influencer allocations from IDO funds to a smart contract for influencers to claim.
  • One of those claimed more than they should — 8m instead of 1m. Then proceeded to dump those funds for 2130.14 BNB (approx $1.1m USD).
  • Turns out this person is part of a VC group. The VC has now frozen all of his vesting funds with the group and fired this individual. WSB will be able to recoup the damages this way.
  • This created 7 victims who were expecting to claim their 1m WSB each today. We are in touch with those individuals.

The nefarious individual is known as Cerbul BTC, a frequent promoter of various projects and now officially a verified scammer. Cerbul has stolen 8M WSB and dumped them on the market. His wallet and transaction history can be seen below:

We have no idea what the motive was — this is one quick way to lose their reputation.

But we do fully understand the attack vector and it’s limited to only 8m tokens and they were all dumped — meaning there is no ‘ongoing concern’.

WSB Farming launches in 3 days on and we look forward to supporting the team’s farming and later ETP product launches.


~ BSCstarter team



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