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We are proud to have launched some of Polygon’s most promising DeFi protocols, and the next continues in this vein. StrongNode Edge is building on the benefits of Web 3, Edge Networking, and Blockchain to deliver one of the most powerful projects the Polygon network has ever seen.

As a result, StrongNode has been attracting some of blockchains best-known builders, including Craig Sellars, Former CTO and co-founder of Tether ($USDT) and Manmeet Singh, Co-Founder of Cardano.

So, why is StrongNode Edge attracting big names and big business? And how can the everyday investor benefit from that with more than just speculation?

What is StrongNode Edge?

At its core, StrongNode is a layer 0 blockchain (yes layer 0, layer 1’s could be built on top of it!). A highly performant, highly scalable, and secure P2P edge network that allows anyone to earn by sharing their idle compute resources.

The world is littered with inefficiencies, and StrongNode Edge believes that the winning companies and technologies of the future, will be those that can eradicate those inefficiencies — replacing them with lower-cost, more effective, and more environmentally friendly alternatives.

The modern world, and particularly tertiary and quaternary sectors, are built on data; reams of information so vast that they require a huge amount of computing power and energy to process.

Only once this data has been processed is it useful to businesses in industries such as machine learning, gaming, genome sequencing, disease testing, artificial intelligence, and fintech.

Currently, this data is processed, at great monetary and energy cost, by huge purpose-built super-computing facilities. Meanwhile, millions of SMART devices with the ability to connect to the cloud, lie dormant.

StrongNode Edge utilises open-source to build on Apache Hadoop’s MapReduce OSS code, a highly regarded program for handling large data sets across thousands of servers, used by several billion-dollar centralized firms such as Teradata, Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR.

This allows StrongNode to offer IaaS, or Infrastructure-as-a-Service. With this infrastructure being built on the computing power of millions of SMART devices such as smartphones, laptops, TVs, even fridges, that have been signed up by the users of the StrongNode Edge network — in return for tokenised rewards.

Each node will be used to process big data in a way that will be cheaper, faster, and more flexible than current market solutions in the traditional tech industry. This is a major competitive advantage for StrongNode Edge, a network originally integrated into Ethereum and Polygon with BSC, Solana, and Cardano also in its sights.


Token utility is top of everyone’s mind these days. And rightly so, new projects are launching all the time, so it is important to understand what makes a token stand out from the crowd…

SNE will feature a wide range of use cases that will evolve over time to fit the needs of the StrongNode ecosystem:

  • Farming

$SNE token holders can lock their tokens in farming contracts for varying lengths of time in order to receive additional SNE token rewards.

Farming Users can do single asset staking for 3, 6, and 12 month time periods, and select different compounding strategies, including automatic single stake compound, combine with USDC to create LP and farm or donate x% to Strong4Good.

  • Network Incentives for Node Seeders

All blockchains have miners or block producers, who are paid in the network token to keep it running. StrongNode will do the same, but instead of rewarding just tech specialists who know how to build efficient mining rigs, StrongNode edge will reward anyone with $SNE for providing their idle resources, such as CPU/GPU, bandwidth, and storage.

  • Payment

Companies that utilise StrongNode’s IaaS will be incentivised to pay in $SNE token, creating a consistent buy pressure as the business grows, and making it lucrative for businesses to load up on $SNE in the dips.

If FIAT payments are chosen by the company utilising IaaS, then a portion of that will be used to buy $SNE token from the open market to provide network incentives for the Node Seeders.

Companies will also be able to stake $SNE to offset the costs of using resources and guarantee uptime. The longer they hold, the more benefits they will receive (multiplier discounts, etc.)

  • Access to the Innovation Lab Launchpad

The StrongNode Innovation Lab is a token launchpad and incubator which will feature blockchain-based projects which are building on the StrongNode Edge network. $SNE holders can get exclusive access to Innovation Lab token sales by staking their $SNE tokens.

  • Governance

The $SNE token is the official governance token of the StrongNode Edge network. Governance shares will be awarded not only according to how many tokens are held, but in proportion to provided liquidity. Governance will initially oversee Strong4Good not for profit fund and will be granted more responsibility in the future.

All seed and private sale rounds have been filled. Public sale will be held across three launchpads.

The Team

Who will be leading StrongNode Edge:

Daniel orchestrated the MySQL Database exit to Sun MicroSystems for $1B+ while previously growing SEGA and its globally growing node networks. He authored NTT Docomo R&D hardware, software, and node network protocol specifications for encrypted communications while launching 2 satellites to space after starting the 1st ISP in Tokyo in 1995. His work with NEWS Corp in security/encryption and 4G mobile was surpassed only by his MPEG4 spec work, and Emmy award received for TV node time shifting 2003. He continued to structure global power nodes for THETA, SETI, and Folding@home while working for Fortune 100 companies. His two exits at $1B+ now drive our StrongNode vision. Daniel is also an advisor WAX.

Colin Charles co-founded MariaDB Server with its node networking and facilitated the MySQL $1B+ exit to Sun Microsystems and Oracle as an early employee. His system networking, node security, and data privacy work as a technical architect commenced 2000 and entailed working with The Fedora Project by Red Hat, MySQL, and projects. He has extensive advisory experience with startups in the blockchain space and has on the ground networks in multiple cities as he leads the life of a globalist.

Gil Bashan’s work over the last 15+ years has spanned engineering, network operations, digital advertising, and product management, working with brands like L’Oreal, Barclays, 3M, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, and Allstate. Gil is a blockchain evangelist who believes that world problems can be solved with technology. The last 10 years at Adobe has taken him through IPO and then the acquisition of TubeMogul Inc. by Adobe for $540M where he has managed engineering teams, driven the networking product roadmap, and the day-to-day of massive global server networks, processing incredible amounts of real-time data.

View the full StrongNode Edge team here.

The Advisors

Here are some of the StrongNode Edge team of advisors:

Craig Sellars leads the development of global blockchain innovations as the inventor of the stablecoin. USDT, the digital US dollar originally on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, as a founder of Tether, the world’s most broadly traded cryptocurrency, Craig (now acting as an informal advisor since his departure in 2016) is the Chief Technologist of Bitcoin’s Omni Layer, a protocol which supports the creation, movement and exchange of digital assets. His current development focus is on the creation of open-source decentralized identity protocols and applications.

As Vice-Chairman of Cardano Foundation and Blockchain Europe, Manmeet is a beacon in the blockchain industry. On both fronts and as Managing Partner of Blockseed Ventures Ltd, Manmeet is a renowned prime mover and builder of the decentralized economy, mentoring and investing in teams and businesses that define the adoption and advancement of blockchain applications and technologies. Manmeet brings cultural sensitivity and business wisdom to the team based on his decades of experience in finance, education, investment, and mentoring businesses getting into China and Asian as well as European markets.

Yasin founded Europe’s largest social trading platform, NAGA. It went public June 2017 on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and successfully made a crypto offering for $50M. NAGA´s shareholders are China’s largest private conglomerate; FOSUN ($95B Market Cap) and one of Germany´s oldest banks Hauck & Aufhaeuser (founded 1796). Previously 2007, he IPO’d Varengold Bank AG and ran it as Germany’s youngest bank CEO. Its offices were in London, Dubai and Hong Kong. Today he launches Aqua Digital Rising, a data analytics company, focused on trading the value of athletes and celebrities.

View all the StrongNode Edge advisors here.

StrongNode Edge already has an impressive list of partners and service partners for the network including Nasdaq, Fox Business, Bloomberg, Gains Associates, Shima Capital, and OG Life.

IDO Details

StrongNode Edge have opted for KYC for this IDO. You must complete KYC via Blockpass here if you want to take part in the IDO:

Audit: Underway

Approx initial market cap: $405k

Network: Polygon (QuickStart)
Date: 21st October 15 UTC
Guaranteed Allocation: Yes, headstart 5 minutes.
Direct Link: Pool to follow

Softcap: 50,000 USDC
Hardcap: 110,000 USDC
IDO price: 0.0015 USDC
Listing price: 0.0015 USDC
Vesting: 20% TGE, 20% every month for 4 months.
Liquidity allocation: 100%
Liquidity locked: 60 days

How to take part

Taking part in the StrongNode QuickStart IDO is easy, simply follow these steps:

For a more in-depth guide on how to take part in a Polygon based IDO, please see our docs:

Please make sure to complete KYC to be whitelisted:

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