The Starter Ecosystem is Growing

We dive into the details behind the growing Starter ecosystem including Starter Capital, Starter Swap, VEST, and more…

Starter was conceived to bring a community-oriented, network-based solution to the issue of the rug pulls and scams that litter the crypto space.

Our belief, that a community-driven launchpad can be aided in weeding out malicious actors in favour of genuine projects has been borne out by the fantastic results we’ve seen. This has motivated us to constantly add new functionality for the users who make the platform what it is.

Even in its relatively short life, Starter has evolved time and time again to make this a more rewarding community. This restless innovation is integral to our vision and we will continue to lead the way into the next chapter of the launchpad space.

Our transition to cross-chain with our launch on Polygon blockchain is a key step along the way, but our expansion into a full, 4-pronged Starter Ecosystem will drastically redefine what a launchpad can be.

Starter is already so much more than a launchpad, and this latest development will stay faithful to the community values that have got us this far while offering something more diverse. Diversification will prove more lucrative for our users, with more capital and more opportunities in every part of the network.

The launchpad was only the first step, and even that is already on V3 in 3 months of existence. We are committed to continuing to innovate and build, making the experience better for both our IDO candidates and investors.

Introducing Starter International and the Four Arms of the Starter Ecosystem

Starter International is now a fully-fledged and registered business, and that isn’t all…


The Starter you know and love. Our IDO arm will continue to offer a decentralized launchpad for the most promising projects out there, now on a cross-chain platform. Our well-managed community and voting system will promote clarity and provide the tools to make the most out of every opportunity.


Our very own Decentralised Exchange. Starter Swap will list our IDO projects directly — offering secure, convenient transactions and allowing us to split liquidity.


Invest in and incubate great projects through our venture arm — Starter Capital. For Starter, Starter Captial is a win-win, allowing us to provide resources to digital funds and investment opportunities to our community.

Token Security:

Our token security arm, VEST provides vesting and liquidity locking through Starter. Token stability, team token locks, viewable vesting periods in real-time. Read more about VEST here:

Although 4 separate arms, each shares a common link, all working together to ensure high-quality projects presented to $START-ers for IDO, and a burgeoning amount of utility for both the $START and $VEST token holders.

When Starter Swap goes live, all IDOs will be required to add liquidity in START pairs on the platform to encourage trading.

$VEST already ensures better security for new token launches on BSC with over $2M TVL in a few weeks, and this is only set to grow as $VEST follows $START cross-chain.

Finally, Starter Capital will ensure the finest projects receive the funding and incubation they require to ensure successful launches, with enhanced marketing budgets and carefully curated tokenomics.

All 4 arms of Starter International, working together to bring you the best opportunities across 7 blockchains. This is the near-future of Starter. Now, are you ready to get $STARTed?


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The #1 and most active community-oriented multichain token presale platform $START



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